Yemen Crisis

Today an appeal from Medicins sans Frontieres to assist their actions in Yemen was in my post.  I determined to learn more about the crisis.  The following summary is my first impression. Recent events seem to have been initiated when long-standing President Ali Abdullah Saleh was ousted in 2012 as part of a deal between the … More Yemen Crisis

Syria: what are Assad, Putin and Obama up to?

In view of Luis’s post and my comments about the complexity of ‘real life’ situations I’m suggesting that we collectively attempt to model and explore a current strategic situation: Russian support for Assad’s regime in Syria. I suggest we try this in a number of stages: we’ll probably need to cycle back over some of these … More Syria: what are Assad, Putin and Obama up to?

Handling complexity

Luis Matos raised what I think is a very important point in his comment on my ‘lite’ Hillary Clinton analysis when he questioned whether the Options Boards used in Drama Theory can sufficiently capture the complexity of ‘real’ interactions. One argument has been that it is necessary but also sufficient to represent situations to the degree … More Handling complexity