EU governments & Muslim communities

Here is a post from Manuel (in response to my invitation to suggest topical confrontations for discussion): Here’s an attempt to model the current tension between European Governments and local Muslim communities. In this case, I’m considering that the Muslim communities are ambiguous about accepting local values; can’t be fully trusted by the police when … More EU governments & Muslim communities

Viola’s Ex

This was the problem as described by Viola to Virginia Ironside in ‘The Independent’: Ten years ago, having had several unsuccessful, painful relationships, I met a great guy, but he was a bit of a drinker. During our two years together he promised he’d never let me down like the others. Then he suddenly dumped … More Viola’s Ex

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail: some modelling issues

Manuel has just made an interesting comment on my earlier post and as it raises more general issues I thought it was worth repeating here in a fresh post. [I’m also doing this to get round a shortcoming of WordPress that prevents readers other than myself from posting pdfs within their comments] Here is Manuel’s … More Hillary Clinton’s e-mail: some modelling issues