Junior Doctors: Imposed Contract?

The UK Health Secretary appears to be about to (on Thursday 17th February)  impose a new contract on unwilling NHS employees.  You can read more about the dispute here:


It is a dispute that has been rumbling along for some time.  Here is a useful summary of the situation from earlier in the week:


If this summary is taken as reliable then a simple formulation might be as shown here:


And if the assumptions made in this table are appropriate then it would appear that at present it is the BMA which faces the more significant dilemmas (the Government and Public’s main concerns would be over ‘leaching’ of freshly or partially trained junior doctors from the NHS).  In these circumstances the BMA is likely to display belligerent behaviour to improve the credibility of its threats (it is by no means clear that the threats already voiced would be beneficial: strike action could risk losing public support; a legal challenge might be unsuccessful) or to search for some new sanctions that they might be able to impose.


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