The Challenge to #trump2016

As a critical set of primaries loom, the Republican party appears more and more uncertain as to how to deal with the apparently unstoppable momentum of Donald Trump’s campaign.

The leading contenders Cruz and Rubio seem to be cracking in their resolve to campaign on the issues and have begun resorting to direct challenges, matching Trump’s highly personal tactics.

Some within the Republican Party have opportunistically flaked away to endorse Trump.

What next?


If this options board has any truth in it then the key issue right now is the Party endorsement, and wavering over this is creating massive problems for any opposition to Trump.  Without a united front in opposition to Trump it is hard to see how Trump’s campaign can realistically be impeded.  Yet the temptations to cling to his coat-tails for personal advantage are clearly too great for some figures within the party to resist.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge to #trump2016

  1. I think the problem is that if there were on option of Trump or “some candidate other than Trump” then (as Trump gets about 40% of the vote) the “united non-Trump candidate” could conceivably beat Trump. The average split is 40% Trump 30% Cruz 30% Rubio. Cruz and Rubio are desperate for the other to drop out, but they won’t go themselves as they only get one shot at president.

    Trump also has another card he could play. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. It is therefore disputable if he was a “natural born citizen” and thus eligible to be president. Trump could challenge this, but presumably doesn’t want to as this would leave the field as Trump / Rubio, thus giving a more united opposition.

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