Confrontation Analysis

Mike Young tells me that he ran a very successful Confrontation Analysis workshop at Dstl on Tuesday.  He used the Dilemma Explorer program which worked extremely well.  I’m hoping that he’ll add as a comment to this post a short report.  Watch this space….! Advertisements

DT1 and DT2

There has been a certain amount of discussion here about the relative merits of the two versions of DST.  Here is the post (copied from the Dilemmas Galore forum with Saul Howard’s permission) in which Nigel Howard first floated DT2.  It should help you to make up your own minds on the topic: DILEMMAS GALORE … More DT1 and DT2

Dilemma Analysis

At the time of writing the Dilemmas Galore website is out of action so with Saul Howard’s permission I am posting on this blog a couple of fundamental drama theory documents for ease of reference.  One of them is Nigel Howard’s ‘Dilemma Analysis Flowchart’ which provides a foolproof way of identifying the drama theoretic dilemmas in … More Dilemma Analysis

Handling complexity

Luis Matos raised what I think is a very important point in his comment on my ‘lite’ Hillary Clinton analysis when he questioned whether the Options Boards used in Drama Theory can sufficiently capture the complexity of ‘real’ interactions. One argument has been that it is necessary but also sufficient to represent situations to the degree … More Handling complexity