Viola’s Ex

This was the problem as described by Viola to Virginia Ironside in ‘The Independent’: Ten years ago, having had several unsuccessful, painful relationships, I met a great guy, but he was a bit of a drinker. During our two years together he promised he’d never let me down like the others. Then he suddenly dumped … More Viola’s Ex

Personal Dilemmas: Virginia’s advice about Beth’s husband

Spoiler alert: don’t read this if you want to look at this problem and do some DT analysis uncoloured by third party view. Here is Virginia’s advice (and some comments from her readers) How does it relate to your own DT analysis? Take a look back at the original post to see some analysis … More Personal Dilemmas: Virginia’s advice about Beth’s husband

Personal Dilemma: Beth’s husband

I hope some of you have already looked at the dilemma posed to Virginia Ironside which she will be discussing next week? If so, then I guess you’ll immediately see Beth and her husband as the main protagonists.  She has floated the idea (her option) of leaving him, but how seriously she means this … More Personal Dilemma: Beth’s husband

Personal Dilemmas

So far most of the content on this site has been about very public, usually large-scale confrontations: the situation in Syria in which I’m seeking to do some collaborative modelling with readers is a case in point. However DT is as applicable to conflicts on much smaller scales – and such conflicts can be every … More Personal Dilemmas